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Jan 11, 2017

James Jones was able to do what so many people working within Corporate America dream of: break away and begin a career as a successful entrepreneur. With RaceIQ, James and his team have taken cutting edge securities software and applied to the the automotive industry. Throughout his conversation with Roshawnna, James shares insights in to how RaceIQ is working to provide solutions for the future of ransomware.

James’ career journey has seen challenges, just as everyone’s has. Throughout his time working as an entrepreneur and subsequently investor, James has struggled to maintain the ever elusive healthy work/life balance. Developing and maintaining a structure for setting and hitting his goals in this regard is just one of the many insights that James shares in his discussion with Roshawnna.

James’ enthusiasm for innovation and technology shines through when he speaks about his work and the pride that he takes in it. He has weathered the storm of startup instability to become an entrepreneurial success and he is open and honest in the wisdom that he shares. You’re going to want to give this one a listen!

Roshawnna and James discuss:

  • 2:30 James outlines his beginnings as an entrepreneur.
  • 3:30 The exciting innovations in the automotive industry that James and his team have been working on.
  • 8:00 How innovations in technology have affected our privacy and security in the automotive space and what RaceIQ is is doing to combat this.
  • 13:00 James speaks about some of the challenges that he’s experienced as an entrepreneur.
  • 14:00 Change and disruption happen so fast in today’s world, James talks about how this effects investment and entrepreneurship.
  • 16:00 How mentors have helped to guide James through his journey as an entrepreneur.
  • 16:30 How the mentor/mentee relationship is a two-way street.
  • 20:30 Not all investors are alike: why you should research the type of investor you would like to form a relationship with.
  • 21:00 How James approaches his investment decisions.
  • 22:00 Condense your ideas: James uses Google to illustrate the stages of phenomenal growth that can sprout from simplicity.
  • 25:00 The solutions that RaceIQ is providing today.
  • 27:00 Leveraging your networks to grow your business.
  • 29:00 How James’ experience in the corporate world informed his working life as an entrepreneur.
  • 32:30 The challenges and the sacrifices that a startup CEO faces.
  • 35:00 Understanding and dealing with failure.
  • 37:00 Setting and reaching goals with two simple steps that James follows devoutly.
  • 41:00 James speaks about the importance of habit building.
  • 43:00 In a speed round of questions about advice and insight, James speaks about highlights in his career learnings.
  • 48:00 On finding a work/life balance.